Who we are?

A company that will implement a comprehensive advertising campaign - from an idea, throughout printing of advertising materials, making appropriate promotional items, to event photography.  It is the way we handle the challenges and order execution that makes us a unique and exceptional team for special assignments. What does it mean for you? A guarantee of achieving your aim, because we work:

  • fast - if it is necessary we don't sleep, don't eat, we're just working, which is particularly important for projects "needed yesterday",
  • creatively - our ideas are fresh and original - this is the primary determinant of excellent advertising and advertising campaigns,
  • effectively - your aim is our aim, and its achievement is also our success,
  • from A to Z - just state a theme and we'll make it happen from the beginning to the end in great detail,
  • with passion - we like what we do and we have great experience; we have been working in the business of advertising, printing, event photography, advertising gadgets and execution of big and small advertising campaigns for over 17 years.

Our clients include some of the largest companies: Procter&Gamble, PepsiCo, Hortex Holding SA, Pernod Ricard Polska, City Handlowy, BRE Bank SA, Browary Okocim, Mobil, T-Mobile...

Nothing is impossible for us. We will take on any challenge - the more difficult it is, the more fiercely we work. Check it out for yourself and see our offer.

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