Ecology has been in fashion lately so it is no wonder that eco bags have many fans not only among supermarket customers. What are our eco bags made of? Mostly of chlorine-free paper and cotton. This is a material known for years, and above all, durable and strong, though it doesn't look so. The eco bags we provide will carry as much as 8-10 kilos. Do you want more than just a common eco bag? With our overprint it will become an effective promotional tool. Our advert eco bags come in various shapes, colours, and patterns - plain ones, or with a company logo or some other graphics. Advertising bags make some of the most desirable promotional items since they are practical and universal. It is also worth mentioning that our eco bags are approved for food contact (they have all the necessary certifications).

Why should you place an order for eco bags with us?

  • We are fast and reliable - we execute an order of even large amounts of bags on time or even earlier,
  • No subject is taboo - don't be afraid of unusual overprints, we'll make an adverting bag of any kind,
  • We have a wide range on offer - if you don't find a bag you want, we'll make it for you.
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