Nothing is impossible in the world of advertising, and thanks to the development of cutting edge technologies, advertising overprint may be done on literally everything. The slippery surface of an advertising bag, plastic, aluminium or thick carton - there is a printing technique for each and every surface. Flexographic printing works well where other printing methods fail, mainly in the packaging business. Flexography is also commonly used for printing books, press, and overprints on advertising T-shirts, plastic cards or paper and other materials used for advertising bags.

Why should you choose our offer?

  • Exceptional aesthetics - we make every effort to make flexographic overprints of the best possible quality and we use only trusted equipment,
  • Comprehensiveness - every order may be processed as a whole: from selecting a material on which a flexographic overprint is done, to individual design of the graphics for items such as advertising bags.
  • Professional advice - we are more than willing to share our experience and help you make the right decision about flexographic overprints, in particular on advertising bags and various kinds of packaging.
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