We come across spatial advertising almost everywhere, which has become a part of everyday reality. They come in all forms and shapes, to mention only a few of the most common, such as 3D letters, panels, advert pylons and totems, boards and advertising signs. They are placed almost everywhere - above an entrance, on a roof, on a pavement or a building wall; they share the same purpose - to attract the attention of the customers. The battle for the customer’s attention, however, in a space full of pylons, totems, boards and advertising panels is fierce. Only the best and most original spatial advertisements win when it comes to execution, graphics, and text. It is this kind of uncommon spatial advertising that we deal with. Our offer is a comprehensive one: design, graphics, execution (including the supporting structure and lighting), and at every stage of the selection we offer expert advice.

We make every kind of spatial advertisement, including:

  • 3D letters - they have limitless spatial and lightening possibilities; they might be mounted in any configuration, lit from the front, side or back,
  • boards and advertising signs - they come in handy if you want to provide the content of an advertisement or simple information in an easy and elegant way,
  • advert pylons and totems - an independent standing advert construction which forms a harmonious whole; a good idea for managing some space around a company; advertising pylons and totems, usually in big sizes and well lit , make an impressive form of spatial advertising,
  • advertising panels - often used as a more perfect, more spatial and more backlit kind of boards and advertising signs; ideal for placing the name and logo of the company or premises.
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