A car, a fridge, a window pane - what do they have in common? Each of these objects may become a perfect advertising medium when covered with advertising stickers. The selection of places for self-adhesive stickers is practically boundless, both on movable and immovable objects. Everything is limited only by your ideas and imagination. We make self-adhesive stickers in three basic printing techniques:

  • digital printing,
  • screen printing,
  • UV offset printing,

which gives our customers endless possibilities of orders. Moreover, you have a choice of various advertising stickers depending on:

  • the kind of material on which they are made, e.g. transparent or colour foil or other material
  • adhesive – heavy duty self-adhesive stickers, i.e. permanently stuck on a surface or with adhesive that makes it possible to move or remove stickers without a trace,
  • the surface - glossy or non-glossy advertising stickers,
  • usage - single- or double-sided advertising stickers.

Customers are very willing to use our self-adhesive stickers because we provide:

  • perfect printing quality,
  • protection against weather conditions,
  • resistance to mechanical damage,
  • fast printing of advertising stickers,
  • any shape and size - from a few millimetres to several metre advertising stickers.
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