Do you want to enhance an advertisement to make the customer notice it? Make it move! An advertisement that "reaches out" to the customer and moves is sometimes more noticeable than its static equivalent. A moving advertisement may come in all forms of wobblers and advertising cards. Their form makes the customer react, even if it is something as simple as raising their eyes to avoid an obstacle. Wobblers are commonly placed on shopping shelves and racks. They are standing or hanging on a special arm which is made to move by gusts of wind, touch or mechanically. This way an advertisement placed on a wobbler is more visible and suggestive.

What will you gain by choosing our offer?

  • We provide wobblers in countless shapes and colours,
  • We guarantee an optimum quality of advertising cards and wobblers for their price,
  • We provide a comprehensive service - if requested, we may execute an order from A to Z: the selection of material, the graphic design, the content of the advertising text for the wobbler.
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