Large format advertising will always make a strong impression on the audience. Advertising posters or banners of a few, several or even tens of metres in size hung in a well displayed place are both clearly visible and delightful to passers-by. Some advertising posters are hard to resist. Well designed and made, they resemble pieces of art; they may also be used to mask walls of buildings during renovation. No wonder that large format outdoor advertising is one of the most favourite forms of promotion. What are advertising banners made of? It all depends if an advertising banner is going to be placed outdoors or indoors. If you need an advertising poster that will stand up to rain, wind, snow or intensive sun light, then vinyl should be used. Vinyl banners exposed to extreme weather conditions are exceptionally durable. Inside, a perfect solution will be a textile banner, commonly finished with a tunnel or holes, which makes it easier to hang. A large format textile advertisement is also convenient to carry - it may be folded and kept fresh easily - it may be ironed. What's important, both kinds of advertising banners may be assembled indoors and outdoors, and each of them has its own use.

Why us?

  • We care about the perfect colour saturation on our banners and posters,
  • We offer a vast range of formats,
  • Upon request, we offer comprehensive services: from a designing of a large format advertisement, to printout and fixing it on a building façade
  • We choose the best quality materials for our large format advertisements,
  • We give advice to our customers on the best kind of advertising banner or poster for particular conditions.
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