A pen, a cup, a lanyard, an umbrella, a diary - what do they all have in common? They are perfect promotional items which may be used as media for your logo or a label. We have listed just a few, but you will find dozens and hundreds of...

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A paper bag is usually a common grey old bag - you can put something in, carry something, or just give it away to be recycled. An easy to use eco bag. Who would have thought it could come in different colours, shapes, types of paper and...

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Ecology has been in fashion lately so it is no wonder that eco bags have many fans not only among supermarket customers. What are our eco bags made of? Mostly of chlorine-free paper and cotton. This is a material known for years, and above all...

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A T-shirt without a print is just an ordinary T-shirt. An overprint will make a typical T-shirt an advertising medium - a living one - which will carry the advert everywhere the T-shirt owner goes. T-shirt overprints are always made as requested by a...

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A magnet - known as early as in the ancient times, and due to its qualities talked about in legends ... Used in compasses, it is also a perfect solution for an advertising gift. Advertising magnets are commonly used on a wide scale...

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Advertising notepads will surely stay longer on the desk of a recipient than any other promotional item, at least until all the pages are used... Advertising notepads may well replace traditional business cards, especially at exhibitions or other...

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Big and small advertising balloons - we offer advertising balloons in various shapes and colours. Your imagination is the only limit. An advertising balloon is a relatively flexible promotional item - literally and metaphorically speaking...

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In a park, at home, in the office, at fairs, conferences and trainings - paper cups can be found wherever: coffee, tea or cold drinks are served. If a paper cup becomes an advertising cup with a logo or graphics, then the image of the...

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