Clearly visible at each time of day and night, advertising panels will make the information on it say more than a flat board or a signboard. Advertising panels are perfect in almost every situation - when we want to emphasise the name and logo of a company, shop, restaurant or another facility or draw the customer's attention to the message. Advertising panels are usually placed outside, they must be resistant to water, sunlight, and high and low temperatures. We offer advertising panels built on solid construction and made of durable materials, such as: aluminium, PMM, polycarbonate or vinyl. If you decide to illuminate the advertising panels, we can use LED lights with them which will improve the perception of the advert by the client.

We offer a wide selection of advertising panels, you can choose from various:

  • types – single- or double sided (semaphore), or standing (pylon),
  • shapes - rectangular or square (with sharp or curved corners), oval, round, hexagonal, and... - upon request we are able to make the most unusual advertising panels,
  • sizes - from small advertising panels to large format spatial advertisements,
  • options - if requested, we may equip every advertising panel with control clocks, indicators, dusk detectors, manual switches and many more useful functions.
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