Advertising uses words and images, although in many cases an image itself is enough - a carefully selected photograph can by itself evoke the right emotions in the audience. Then, that potential customer is almost yours... Advertising photography is the art of extracting the essence from an object. By applying appropriate lighting and background, you can create magic and make a common chair become the most desirable goods on the market. Advertising photography works on emotions. When it comes to advertising photography, we take photographs for:

  • websites,
  • magazines,
  • posters,
  • folders, leaflets, advertising catalogues and other promotional materials.

Advertising photography is mainly posed photos with models and packshots (photos of products):

  • we take a photo of a product under proper studio lighting,
  • then we edit it on a computer to emphasise the values of the product,
  • we mask the photo, or cut the product from the background, making it easier for further graphic processing (such as using a different background),
  • we enhance the sharpness and colours of the photos (retouch),
  • if necessary we replace labels and emblems on the product image – (artwork).

As specialists in advertising photography we provide:

  • the best quality photography equipment,
  • experienced photographers and graphic designers,
  • a professional studio with suitable lighting.
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