Do you need a minor quantity of leaflets, brochures, training materials for now or even for yesterday? And perhaps you are thinking of large format printing? If the answer is yes, then the offer of our printing office is just what you need. Digital printing is the perfect solution if:

  • you are pressed for time - digitally printed materials are ready within just a few hours,
  • you need... one copy or just several dozen or several hundred copies - digital printing is the perfect solution,
  • you have no place to store materials - you can order as many as you need, and printing some extra copies of items such as adverting posters is not a problem,
  • you use customisation - digital printing is a convenient solution for printing diplomas and certificates with names on them, numbering tickets or adding other data on existing graphics,
  • you are looking for many possibilities in one place - here you can order both several-millimetre-stickers or several-metre-advertising posters - digital printing gives you a vast choice of format sizes.

What makes us unique?

  • Experience - we have been dealing with digital and large format printing for over 15 years,
  • Credibility - we have been chosen to be a printing materials supplier by one of the most famous advertisement agencies in the world - BBDO, which is why we are able to render services to such companies as Mercedes or Shell,
  • Efficient cooperation - we are reliable, which is appreciated by such brands as: Pepsi, Wyborowa or Hortex, with whom we have been partners for many years,
  • Perfect quality - we use only equipment of renown companies in our digital printing office,
  • Ecology - we care about the environment; we use energy saving devices, and we eliminate printing waste by using a closed circuit and recovering clean water.
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