Electronics in a broader sense, especially electronic gadgets, have been literally flooding not just the Polish market for several years. However, it is not always good quality, durable electronic brands. Therefore, purchasing electronic devices of ‘no name’ brands that only mimic well-known manufacturers is quite a risky move. In such a situation it is touch and go – there’s no telling how things will turn out. If you want to be certain that the purchased electronics will always be branded and high quality, choose our services. We offer electronic devices from reliable and internationally recognised producers, such as: Sony, Electrolux, Apple, etc. We will purchase brand electronics of whatever kind you need, from computers to electronic appliances:

  • MP3 / MP4 players,
  • USB electronics,
  • mobile phones,
  • tablets, smartphones, notebooks,
  • and many more.

How will you benefit by ordering electronics from us?

  • Low prices - we cooperate directly with producers of brand electronic devices, which enables us to negotiate very attractive prices, often lower than at our competitors'.
  • Good quality - we focus on brand electronics only,
  • Resources for marketing support - direct cooperation with producers enables us to gain additional resources for marketing activities for our clients,
  • Delivery to every place on Earth - we will deliver electronics and electronic devices to a specified country along with the original documentation in the given language; we also provide efficient assistance with handling warranty.
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