A magnet - known as early as in the ancient times, and due to its qualities talked about in legends ... Used in compasses, it is also a perfect solution for an advertising gift. Advertising magnets are commonly used on a wide scale, therefore they are quite a desirable promotional item. At the office and at school, at home and in the car - any metal surface will do to make the magnet stick and attract the attention of a potential customer. The task of advertising magnets is not only to provide information but also to work as a kind of clip to hold a leaflet, a piece of paper with an important message or a business card. This is a really handy and useful advertising gadget. We offer advertising magnets of all kinds, such as:

  • Magnets in any size and shape - from typical fridge magnets to the most sophisticated shapes,
  • Magnet notepads - a practical and aesthetic advertising gadget for making a to-do-list;
  • Magnet cards - recommended especially for producers of food, school items and publishing houses.

What makes us unique?

Flexibility - we are able to execute every individual order. We are also happy to apply new technologies for this type of promotional items. Particular attention should be paid to 3D lenticular printing magnets, which become a three dimensional world, or even an animation. 3D lenticular printing magnets guarantee unforgettable spatial impressions, thus drawing attention to what is placed on the advertising magnet. Our magnets will definitely catch the attention of your potential customers.

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