Offset printing is a great solution for large quantities of materials. If you want to print at least several hundred copies of the same pattern, then offset printing is the best choice, regarding both: print quality and costs. Offset printing is in fact the best value for money. The more copies are printed, the more economical offset printing is. Therefore, it is worth printing large quantities of all kinds of leaflets, folders, catalogues, business cards, advertising posters and other information and promotional materials. Particular attention should also be paid to the quality, colour schemes, and extra possibilities of offset prints:

  • they are exceptionally precise - even details and minor elements (such as very thin lines on advertising posters) are of excellent quality,
  • offset printing may be done on unusual materials, such as foil, thick cardboard or self-adhesive paper,
  • many colour possibilities (beyond the standard CMYK colour model).

You should order the print of materials with us because:

  • we use printing equipment of the highest quality, which directly affects the quality of the offset prints,
  • we give advice on which method to choose, because we believe it is the final result that the customer should be satisfied with, both in terms of aesthetics and price,
  • we are specialists with vast experience approaching every order individually and, if in our opinion a solution selected by the customer may not be the most beneficial for them, we suggest an alternative.
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