One of the greatest advantages of outdoor advertising is... location. What will come from a great billboard or an advertising banner which is located in a place where no-one or almost no-one can see it? Good location and the form of the message is the key to successful outdoor advertising. Billboards, pneumatic adverts, advertising banners or city lights placed most often at bus stops are just a drop in the bucket of opportunities provided by outdoor advertising.

If you choose our offer, you choose:

  • 100% legality - we have official consents and permits from the Department of Architecture and Historic Preservation Officer, as well as residents and company owners (covering windows with advertisements) for the legal use of locations for outdoor advertising,
  • attractive prices - we own two walls in the centre of Warsaw at ul. Senatorska 40, Al. Jerozolimskie 125/127 and advertising space on the roof at ul. Bagno 5, which enables us to offer very competitive prices.
  • a full service of an outdoor advertising campaign – from the selection of the location, the production of any kind of outdoor advertising, its assembly and disassembly, logistics to monitoring and photo documentation,
  • huge possibilities when it comes to the size - we make advertising banners of 150-700 sq. m.,
  • the best locations - we suggest places with the largest volume of pedestrian and vehicle traffic in large Polish cities; we also choose transport hubs which are located in the vicinity of: exclusive showrooms, banks, office buildings, restaurants, cafés, hotels, theatres, etc.,
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