A T-shirt without a print is just an ordinary T-shirt. An overprint will make a typical T-shirt an advertising medium - a living one - which will carry the advert everywhere the T-shirt owner goes. T-shirt overprints are always made as requested by a customer, although we are ready to design the graphics if requested. A T-shirt with an overprint makes a perfect advertising gift - it's exceptionally practical and useful. We also offer overprints on other promotional items. What you can be order:

  • overprints on sweatshirts and other clothing,
  • overprints on paper cups,
  • overprints on umbrellas,
  • overprints on bags, rucksacks and suitcases,
  • and many more.

When you order an overprint on a T-shirt or other items, you can be sure of:

  • High quality - we use only those printing techniques that are durable, water- and light-resistant and guarantee a perfect final result, such as:
    -  termotransfer flex (flex foil termotransfer),

    -  termotransfer flock (flock heat transfer),

    -  transfer or direct screen printing,

    -  computer embroidery.
  • Timely execution - overprints on T-shirts or other items are always made in a timely manner, irrespective of the quantity ordered,
  • Flexibility - we execute each and every individual order, even one which we don’t have in our offer.
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