Offset printing is a great solution for large quantities of materials. If you want to print at least several hundred copies of the same pattern, then offset printing is the best choice, regarding both: print quality and costs. Offset printing is in fact the... 

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Do you need a minor quantity of leaflets, brochures, training materials for now or even for yesterday? And perhaps you are thinking of large format printing? If the answer is yes, then the offer of our printing office is just what you need...

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Nothing is impossible in the world of advertising, and thanks to the development of cutting edge technologies, advertising overprint may be done on literally everything. The slippery surface of an advertising bag, plastic, aluminium or thick carton...

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How to make a product sell well? First of all, it must be presented and displayed properly. As you know, it is not only the packaging that considerably affects the customer's shopping decisions, but also the place and the surroundings...

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Do you want to enhance an advertisement to make the customer notice it? Make it move! An advertisement that "reaches out" to the customer and moves is sometimes more noticeable than its static equivalent. A moving advertisement...

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Shelfstoppers are created to stop the customer at a shelf filled with your products. A shelfstopper is nothing else but an advertisement in the form of a stand placed crosswise to the racks, which makes it visible practically from every angle...

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A car, a fridge, a window pane - what do they have in common? Each of these objects may become a perfect advertising medium when covered with advertising stickers. The selection of places for self-adhesive stickers is practically...

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