Shelfstoppers are created to stop the customer at a shelf filled with your products. A shelfstopper is nothing else but an advertisement in the form of a stand placed crosswise to the racks, which makes it visible practically from every angle. When we add appropriate graphics and a catchy text that which makes the whole of a shelfstopper, then we obtain a tool that enhances your marketing message and the promotion of your products. What can you do if there is no room to put an additional element such as a crosswise shelfstopper or a stand? In such situations a shelfliner will come in handy, which may be placed on the edge of a shelf. Shelfliners are plastic or cardboard strips with a product logotype and an appropriate advertising message. This is a simple and effective solution, ideal for situations where there is room only for a shelf with products and nothing else... except for a shelfliner.

Our shelfliners and shelfstoppers have:

  • original shapes,
  • remarkable graphics,
  • excellent quality,
  • fresh texts,

which all make the shelfstoppers and shelfliners noticed by the audience of your products, which in turn indirectly influences the shopping decisions of your customers.

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